It was back in November 2017 when Shetu Consultancy & Innovation started. For almost one year we have been working very hard, setting up a solid foundation for our business adventure, sustained by lots of energy and motivation.

In the meantime we have been involved in several interesting initiatives; we were also requested to offer a few proposals to projects and we designed a couple of websites. In every single activity we took part, we tried to transmit our vision, mission and values. However it is often said: “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot“. True, guilty as charged. But now finally, after several months we are excited to launch our new website.

One of the reasons why it took a while, was our aim to create a website that provides a clear picture of who we are, what we stand for, our WHY. Next to that we were looking for a clear and visual design, with a functional menu that will direct visitors as quick as possible to the information that is relevant for them. We hope this intuitive navigation will help users to find their way around easily, get to know who we are and what are our services.

Probably you already noticed an element is repeating in our site: the bridge. Shetu (Sētu, সেতু ) means “bridge” in Bangla, which is the endonym used to describe as well Bengali language. A future post in this blog will explain in detail about the origin of this name. For now we will just add that the bridge is more than just a nice photo to make our web look cool.

The bridge is actually the symbol that best describes our mission: to join two sides that are initially distant but are not impossible to connect. For this enterprise we first need a good, solid foundation, capable of withstanding the elements. Only then we will be able to place the superstructure, progressing and adding securely each element to ensure gradually that we achieve our goal. Reaching the other side in the best conditions. That is the way we like to implement projects.

Similarly our website is a bridge between our team and the challenges that are waiting for us to be explored. It is our calling card and a great communication tool to get us in touch with many people, share experiences, exchange knowledge and discover new paths.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And please do not hesitate to contribute with your opinion and suggestions, so that we can make of this bridge a continuous improvement activity and a vivid meeting point.